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Wealth preservation through asset and estate planning
Tax and administrative consulting
Structural alignment of business and personal assets

Our Multifamily Office services extend beyond investment and portfolio management to property management, wealth transfer advice, oversight of philanthropic activities, and more, depending on the client’s individual needs.


Managing wealth has never been more challenging. Diverse asset classes, international regulations, tax policies, multiple stakeholders: The financial landscape for affluent families and individuals has grown extremely complex. Mansartis offers families the experience, tools and strategic vision to help preserve and grow wealth over generations.

We possess the capabilities to provide comprehensive or à la carte solutions for structuring and administering significant assets. The Family Officer, a client’s dedicated point of contact, orchestrates in full confidentiality the broad panel of in-house and external expertises that the firm can leverage for our client’s benefit.

Wealth Management & Planning

  • Strategic advisory services
  • Asset restructuring
  • Portfolio consolidation
  • Refinancing negotiation
  • Budget management
  • Family Secretary

Tax & Administrative Assistance

  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Property management
  • Domestic personnel management
  • Investment tracking
  • Philanthropy oversight

Our Difference

  • Flexible, customized service contracts
  • In-house tax, investment and M&A expertise
  • Preparation of external consultations

Real-time reporting
provides clients with the tools
for sound decision-making

The Family Office is the central depository of information issuing from a client’s various advisors, experts and counsellors. We turn that information into actionable intelligence, thanks to dedicated reporting tools adapted to each client’s unique situation. At any time, the Family Officer can present clients with a clear picture of their current position, providing them with customized reports that facilitate sound decision-making.
In response to a specific concern, for example, or to support plans for a new initiative, the Family Officer can issue real-time reports on the status of all or a segment of a client’s assets.
Among other uses, these detailed, costed reports are valuable tools for:
  • monitoring annual budgets
  • calculating costs related to wealth management
  • verifying dividend distributions
  • measuring the performance of shareholdings
  • consolidating financial and non-financial assets
  • tracking tax or regulatory changes
Reporting services that cover the spectrum of professional and private holdings represent a significant advantage for individuals whose business assets overlap with their family’s personal wealth.

Mansartis is a Multifamily Office, an active member of the AFFO (Association Française des Family Office).


Responsive and resourceful, our Family Office team is committed to the stewardship of client assets and to our clients’ peace of mind.

Dedicated specialists can summon as required the counsel and capabilities of in-house specialists as well as external partners, the better to provide clients with innovative, personalized services. Indeed, from its inception, the scope of our Family Office practice has expanded in pace with the demands and ambitions of our clients.

Alexandra Lanée

Head of Family Office

20 years' experience in tax matters for professional and private clients. At Mansartis since 2010. Previously lawyer for 10 years (orrick, TAJ). University Paris II – Assas.

Patricia de la Forest Divonne

Family Officer

15 years' experience in Wealth Management. At Mansartis since 2009. Previously at UNOFI (Union Notariale FInancière) and Petercam.

Pierre Fery

Wealth Management & Tax Advisory

4 years' experience in the tax matters with a focus on international mobility and more specifically in wealth taxation and employee shareholding (E&Y). At Mansartis since 2021. University Paris II - Assas and double degree with SKEMA BS.

Garance Bourgeois

Wealth Management & Tax Advisory

At Mansartis since 2019. Paris II Panthéon Assas Univesity Master II in Wealth Management. Paris Descartes University Master II in tax advisory.

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