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More than 70% of capital held by the founding family
A record of innovation and growth
An entrepreneurial team with equity in the firm

At Mansartis we manage private wealth, professional assets and institutional funds with the goal of creating long-lasting value for our clients.

Performance & Innovation

Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau

Chairman and CEO

He led the development of Mansartis since 1992. Previously at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co in New York, in Paris, then in London as head of the asset management subsidiary. ESSEC, CFA.

Mansartis is on the move. We are bolstering our team of financial specialists with new disciplines and skill sets. We regularly add technological muscle to our processes as well, to better serve the evolving demands of our clientele. Client satisfaction, performance, and innovation are driving the growth of Mansartis.

While we accelerate on our path of sustainable growth, we remain dedicated to achieving our clients’ financial objectives. We intend to improve our ability to do so through innovation: investing in products and services that allow us to effectively address the fast-changing environment that affects all of our businesses.

We consider innovation and technology to be the cornerstones of our accountability.

In our view, technology offers more than a way to communicate what we do; it also provides the means to focus more closely on our core business and to listen more attentively to the needs expressed by all of our clients, whether they are corporations, institutions, families or individuals.

Guiding Principles


Mansartis is an independent, family-owned firm, directed by Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau. Free from conflicts of interest, free to make unbiased decisions, Mansartis can serve clients’ best interests in complete transparency, providing impartial advice and custom solutions with a long-term perspective.


All three of our complementary activities were developed to satisfy an expressed client need. In 1995, we added the Mergers & Acquisitions department, followed by a Family Office in 2000. For each new practice we assembled independent teams of dedicated experts with the professional skills, knowledge and wide-ranging networks required to manage the most complex financial issues.


Mansartis was established as a principled company, grounded in ethical values. In our capacity as financial advisors we apply strict guidelines to ensure that the interest of our clients supersedes all other considerations. Our firm’s independent status enables us to put the client’s need first – always, in all of our activities.


Rigorous reporting ensures transparency, the cornerstone of partnerships founded on mutual trust. At Mansartis, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customized reports. The use of advanced data technology enables us to provide each client with timely, relevant information on which to base investment decisions. Moreover, given our size and independence, we have the agility to move quickly to implement those decisions in the client’s best interests.


We are on track to become the ‘indispensable independent’ financial advisor of choice for institutions and private investors.

A team of professionals with a diverse range of skills and experience is the source of the firm’s expertise and reputation. Thanks to their dedication, proven day after day, they have made client relationships the foundation of our growth and performance.

Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau

Chairman and CEO

Alexandra Lanée

Head of Family Office

Thierry ROHR

Director Associate Mansartis Finance

Nourane Charraire

CIO - Equity and multi asset fund manager

Jean-Pascal CLÉDAT

Chief Executive Officer Mansartis Finance

Arnaud Limal

Associate Mansartis Finance

Constance Jalenques de Labeau

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Gregoire Ginoux

US Equity Fund Manager

Laurent Hirsch

Institutional clients

Laurent Delienne

Strategist - SRI referent

Pauline Gautier

Compliance Officer

Charlotte Giraudeau

Director Associate Mansartis Finance

Alexis Arquié

European Equity analyst

Joachim Jan

Equity Fund Manager

Gaël Roy

Institutional Clients

Julien Piris

Bond Manager

Bruno Denjoy


Victoria Ryabova


Sylvie Jouanny

Investment Management Assistant

Corinne Destat

Internal Control

Pablo Rodriguez

Financial Engineer

Patricia de la Forest Divonne

Family Officer

Christelle Bonvarlet

Back Office

Pascale Dubuc

Administration and Accounting

David Khorguani

Associate Mansartis Finance

Lancelot Gulian

Associate Mansartis Finance

Garance Bourgeois

Wealth Management & Tax Advisory

Pierre Fery

Wealth Management & Tax Advisory

Bryan Peree

Analyst Mansartis Finance

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